The TIED SHOE project is a Transfer and Innovation LEONARDO project, based on the VTC-Shoe project. The VTC-Shoe designed a Virtual Training Centre to:

1) Setup a functional training center, with high quality training materials, to train and share best practice in footwear design;

2) Improve and upgrade competences and skills of the VET colleges and training schools;

3) Extend the common educational qualifications of footwear professionals in particular in the design area and the accreditation of the skills and knowledge of those professionals.

TIED SHOE will extend the innovation of the training approach to other countries, namely Portugal, Spain and Croatia and will incorporate new modules (Innovation, Internationalization, Entrepreneurship and New Design Tools) that address the need for Innovation and Internationalization. It will also extend the concept of the VTC into a Community of Practice that allows footwear companies, stakeholders and professionals to share experience and present a common approach to non-European competition. TIED SHOE will also promote the integration of ECVET as a qualification framework. In this way it will be possible to contribute to the development of the footwear industry in the partner countries.

Tied Shoe Handbook

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TIED Shoe Report

Read the TIED Shoe Report on Mismatches, Shortages and Gaps in Competencies and Skills in the Footwear Industry.