The TIED Shoe proposal is based on the existing VTC and will use the contents that are already available. New contents will be created, using the same pedagogical approach and new functionalities will be used to extend the VTC concept into a Virtual Community of Practice (VCP). New facilities that correspond to this new philosophy of personal improvement are:

  • Added forms on online communication (forums, chat, etc.) and sharing of information;
  • Social interaction through online networks;
  • More interactive training software with webcasts, simulations, animations, video and peer training and support. The project will add new components for increased collaboration and immersive learning;
  • Involvement of experts;
  • Exchange of best practice.

In terms of dimension the number of modules will double from the existing ones, and they will cover other important aspects like: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Internationalization and New Design Tools. New contents will be developed in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Greek and Croatian to increase the opportunity for exploitation and replication all over Europe. Other industry staff will be able to join and profit from the VCP. The project will also add a layer of certification to ensure common recognition of qualifications across Europe.

The project will have an extended approach to dissemination to ensure wide information about the project results. It will use means, like networks, new internet media tools (google adwords, social network tools like linkedin) and large scale events.

Tied Shoe Handbook

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TIED Shoe Report

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